Makeup Readers to the Rescue

If you’re over 40 then you may already be experiencing a bit of trouble with putting your makeup on due to nearsightedness.  And if you’re under 40, then you have something exciting to look forward to.  LOL!  I kid you not that it happens overnight…   You suddenly can no longer see text messages on your phone, or read the small print on labels.

I use a bright mirror when I apply my makeup.  One side of the mirror is regular and when you flip it there is a 10X magnifying mirror.  I prefer to use the regular mirror because it’s the most “real life like.”  There are times when the magnifying side comes in handy, especially when applying eyeliner to the upper lash line.  However, there are times when my magnifying mirror isn’t handy (such as hotel rooms).  This is when I break out the handy “makeup readers.”


Makeup readers are a funny looking pair of glasses with a swiveling lens that allow you to apply makeup to the opposite eye in a clear and concise way. The main purpose of makeup readers is to make your life easier and always make sure your makeup looks beautiful.

Makeup Readers
I’m applying my mascara with my Makeup Readers. You can see that I’m using a +1.50 strength.


You can see from this picture and the one below the way the lens swivels from one side to the other to accommodate each eye.


I use these glasses when at home on occasion, but I always pack my makeup readers in my travel bag to be sure my eyeliner is on point.  I highly recommend these if you have trouble applying mascara or eyeliner due to nearsightedness.  You can purchase these at  If you don’t know the strength that you need, then you can take a quiz or talk to someone at the site who can help you.  They gave me discount code that you can use for a limited time when making a purchase on their site.