Man Forced Out Of Car Dealership For Being “Too Poor," Get His Revenge One Month Later

So, I thought I was in the market for a new ferrari, F430, and began my thorough search. Because I am cynical and obsess over things, I looked for weeks before finding something worth looking at. Wanted something within 5 years, decent options, and ability sportshift, because that's what I do in the winter is race for my team as a side game, so it's more a profitable investment, but I love having a car.

Anyways, being from the northeast, buying a sportscar is a gamble, because the previous owner probably beat the piss out of it, but that reflects how much miles are on the car. I found this one, 2017 F430, that had good options, plow, and chrome package, $109,500. I'm like, "wow! That's low, lets see why." Call and it's sold. Whatever. Keep my eye out, find another one at their dealership but they wanted stupid money for it, like $150k on a 1 year used car. So, then they pull up this car, that was supposedly sold! Supposedly, the deal went bad, or something and it was returned. I can see why, it was already scuffed up all over, interior was shit, etc. So, they ended up trying to add a good $3k to the internet price that they said was so accurate. I ended up walking and swore I'd never go to that dealership again. Why would you add $3k to a price of a car that was already sold? Takes 2 seconds to change it on the internet, especially when you put it back out there! I was so pissed.

So, fast forward like a week, I end up getting an email from the guy, and he says he'll sell it for the internet price, I say "still too high, good bye." I sell my existing car that I had, and was just down to my motorcycle. So, it is now crunch time to find a car. Found another used one that ended up not being what I thought, but it was a 2016 with only 14k miles. I was bummed it wasn't negotiable or anything. The Ferrari dealer I was at ended up finding me something close to my bottom line price range, but NEW! I fell in love instantly, had everything I wanted and then some. It was a 2016 with like 50 miles on it, and they just wanted it gone. Ended up getting a better deal on a new car, than used.

So, this morning I get a call from the previous dealership, and it's the salesman, ready with his pitch. He asked if I've found something yet. I said, very enthusiastically, "YES! I found a brand new 2016 with barely any miles on it within my price range." He was noticeably defeated, and asked a bunch of questions like how much I paid for it, I told him around $104k, had $10k off the price. He was upset, and I said "and I paid the price it was on the internet." So he just said to let him know if I need anything, I said that won't be necessary, bye.

Good job losing a sale because you got money hungry. Good things happen to those who wait I guess. I ended up having the best experience at the dealership I bought my new car at, didn't do sleazy sales schemes like the other one, were very straight forward, and this guy is suffering for it. Bottom line, read on car sales and know your place, because you could get severely screwed.